Illustration a day, Everyday 7

Another crazy  illustration of the day ,today its a pattern of lines and shapes, and whatever you can see in it,let me know what do you think it is, and I will let you know things that i can spot : ) Wondering what I will be drawing tomorrow, I t noticed that everyday my illustration are being posted just before 12, Is it because I delay to start drawing it, or I wait all day to get inspiration from things happening that day, or am I just trying to keep you interested? Actually I don’t even know myself, probably it juts happens,  I will try try to post tomorrows illustration early in the day. Fingers crossed.

Interesting face painting project by Rebecca Maeve

Whatever was happening here it got my attention instantly, interesting face painting project by Rebecca Maeve Manley, I like the use of bright colours and shapes which is really appealing.