New home decor products at KESS IN House

Such a beautiful weather outside, the sun is shining, finally spring is here, which means more coffee outside in the sun, more walks in the forest, easier to wake up when the sun is shining through the window, and a better mood over all! oh yes! And today I just noticed  that my blog reached over 1 million views. Awesome! and Thank you!

THIS WORLd is mad alice in wonderland cup cool society6 vasare nar copyAlce in Wonderland cup available here

I haven’t  shared any updates on my new designs lately cause I was so busy, but now I would like to share a few new art works that I have available at KESS in House, home decor products, check it out here and have a lovely day!

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Last days of Spring

Some Photographs from these  last few weeks of Spring 2013.

 Hope you had a great Spring, summer is starting just in a few days! Super excited!


Up in the sky, took this on Saturday while  flying to Netherlands.


Had to say Goodbye to my cat, wont be seeing him whole summer!


Finished few last drawings before my trip and scanned to use in my other projects.

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Spring Wish-List

I created a mini list of  few things that I would love to get this Spring.I have been using Wanelo quite a lot lately saving  things to my Wish-list  . Maybe you will find something that you would like to buy as well, take a look here . Not that I’m encouraging you to spend more money on shopping haha, but you never know you might find something too.


 From left: Feathers Iphone case / Skull Plant Toupee / Black Blouse /  Zigzag Duvet Cover


From left: Peruvian waves framed print / Hair Chalk / Decorative Pillow/ Unicorn poster by weareyawn

Oh I also bought this skull ring in Topshop a few weeks ago, don't know if i will wear it much but is cool

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