Lazy Day – Sunday

Todays plan

Chill, have some coffee, watch shameless, more coffee, find new inspiring stuff on  Pinterest, eat some strawberries, check Instagram, cook something nice from this Pinterest board, draw some watercolour backgrounds (because it’s relaxing), read blogs and enjoy today. What are your plans for this Sunday?

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Inspiration Sunday. Pinterest mood-boards

“Productive Sundays are mythical creatures, right up there with unicorns”

Check out my last blog post, and play the soundcloud  that I posted there yesterday to get started and in the mood for some visual inspirations.

Today I looked at my Pinterest and realised its been a while since my last ‘Pinterest inspirations‘ post. So Now its time.

I Would like to share a few quick visual inspirations (mood-boards) with you. In case you are not being very productive today and looking for some visual images,  please check my Pinterest and you may find something interesting. And please share links to your own profiles. Looking forward to see them!


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Curious who is living in that little pink house…

Its a lovely Sunday evening and I’m doing some Brainstorms on my current university project, that I will tell you all about later, right know I can only say that it’s a lot about music, fashion and Illustration. Combine them together and you get the idea, even though there is still a lot to do, I will make sure to let you know more details, hope everyone is having a great sunday. Vasare

[translation ]

Sekmadienis, sėdžiu namuose ir darau eskizus naujam universiteto projektui kuris pagrinde susijes su muzika, mada, ir iliustracijomis. Sujunkite viska kartu ir gal numanote kas tai tokio. Kolkas per daug pasakyti negaliu nes dar ir pati nesu tikra dėl visų detaliu  :) Štai vakar mieste pamačiau labai jauku namuka, net idomu pasidarė kas gi galėtu jame gyventi, tikiuosi visi smagiai leidžiate sekmadienio vakara. x V