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I love cactus.  “Cacti” is a member of the plant family  Cactaceae. Few facts

“Roses may say “I love you,” but the cactus says “Fuck off.”

1)There are over 2,000 species of cacti *

2) Cactus get their name from the Greek word “kaktos,” meaning “thistle.” *

3)Some cacti have leaves, and even flowers. For example, the pereskia, when full grown, looks like an orange or a grapefruit tree. *

And sooo I decided to create a new illustration ‘CACTUS CACTUS‘ Now available in my print shop… On a variety of cool products! Go check it out.

cactus-cactis-desert-illustration-drawing-art-vasare-nar-modern-90s-80s-cool-desert-kaktusas-iliustracija-cool-hipster-tumblr-facebook-cover-contemporary-new-how-to-draw-cactus-adobe-illustrator-cactus-cactis-kaktusas-mug-tee-shirt-fashion-apparel-sweather-clock-mug-iphonecase-pillow-dorm-home-decor-urban-outfitters-illustration-vasare-nar-art-print-cool-society6-rad- cool how to draw

All these products available here

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my cup of tee. T shirt Designs

So we got a new project to design T-shirts, we have to create a brand for our tees, packaging, and T shirt designs, only got the project recently so haven’t done that much yet, have a few ideas for the brand name, going to look a bit for logo inspirations, of course will be posting anything nice I find, up here, so keep checking!

Have been playing with illustrator a bit and there is one of the quick designs I’ve created, deadline 23rd of February so anytime after that will be a big blog post with finished work;)

Have to go now and try to get a ticket for a Jamie-T gig tonight, I am soo desperate and seems like no one knows anyone that would have a spare ticket, ohh those crazy days! wish me luck!