shoot with Ieva – Haze

Some Photographs from the shoot ‘Haze’ I took a while ago, model  Ieva Vaitkunaite

just organising all my work today and hopefully will be doing another blog post with another project I did few months ago.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween by the way!

© Vasare Nar 2011

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The joy of packing! Oh dear!

So tomorrow  I’m flying to my hometown Vilnius to visit my family for a bit. Its been a pretty hectic day trying to organise everything and pack last minute, hope everything will go well I managed to find my passport so one stressful thing out of the way haha. Anyone ever had any trouble  while traveling? like missing your flight or something? I’m surprised I never missed any flights as Im always last minute.

//Rytoi skrendu I tevyne Vilniu aplankyti seimos, buvo gana stresinga diena meginant viska suorganizuoti ir sudelioti i vietas, aciu dievui pavyko rasti pasa paslepta namie. Viena problema maziau haha, ar turejote kada kokiu nemaloniu situaciju keliaujant, pvz praziopsojot skrydi ar panasiai? az dziaugiuos kolkas  man dar taip nera nutike nei karto ziuresim kaip seksis rytoi!

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Looks like most shoes that I will be taking will be cream/grey if its gonna rain non stop I might regret this decision haha, I’m also taking my camera kit as I’m planning to do loads of fashion photography while I’m there, and get loads of stuff in vintage shops for my shoot ideas can’t wait  hopefully first set of photographs will be on my blog next week! though need to organise some models first, but that should be fun! read more

//atrodo kad dauguma batu kuriuos imsiu bus sviesios spalvos! jeigu lis be pertraukos bus ne kas haha. Taip pat pasiemu kamera nes planuoju daug eksperimentuoti su fashion fotografija, tik reikes susiorganizuoti modelius ir rubus is kokiu vintage pardu. net nezinau kuriose apsilankyti kolkas!

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Behind the scene shots June 6

These are behind the scene shots from the photoshoot I did few days ago, it was extremely sunny day, and I had a really great time taking photographs of beautiful   Jayde Deegan  hair/ make-up was by  Denise Burt .

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Bazaar magazine

Bazaar magazine

Love good monthly fashion magazines, used to buy weekly ones all the time but realised that it’s better to buy a Vogue  or Bazaar etc  (also love Vice, ID) that have a great layout, amazing ads and great content to look at, I always cut them out and put my favourite pages on the wall for daily inspiration :))

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