Still working on it….[dissertation]

Hello, glad to see so many visits even though I haven’t really posted anything in a while due to my dissertation….I am still working on it, and friday is the day we have to hand it in a bit more than 24hours left!!!,I  read loads of books about branding and advertising ‘positioning’, copycat advertising campaigns, innovation, imitation,  looked at loads or articles and journals and still I have so much to do by friday…Can’t drink anymore coffee it just makes me feel sick and cold doesn’t help either, but when I know it will be all over soon I’m feeling that happiness coming…,and I know I should probably say love doing  this because this is what i’m studying and I’m interested in my topic that I chose and all the articles and books I read really pointed out some important facts in advertising, but i’m not going to lie, I REALLY can’t wait till it’s over because its very knackering..All nighters and all that[if you are into design you must know haha]  And I AM looking forward to friday to have a glass of wine or the whole bottle if I might say, So I better get going with this dissertation and so I can look forward to Friday; X-mas shopping, wine and peace for a day or two. Then another project kicks in that’ i’m looking forward too to be honest. Oh and i’m going home to Lithuania for a month on saturday, so there will be a lot of new content on my blog during that time as well. Leaving you here with my little late night illustration and an empty coffee cup xxx