Fashion cravings. Urban Outfitters

 I decided to do new series of post with some fashion and accessories picks from my favourite clothing shops. Today I would like to feature few items that I found at… Urban Outfitters (YES. love love love what they have in-store) Each week I will pick a shop and create a fashion inspired collage based on my finds, let me know in the comments bellow which shops you would like to see next. Hope you enjoy it and Have a great day! fashion-urban-outfitters-clothing-collage-mixed-media-art-illustrator-freelance-designer-vasare-nar-style-trend-2014-2015-jumper-magazine-cool-bloggers-shopping-topshop-elle-vogue-summer-winter-

Here is the list of items I used for this collage.

Green panda sweater // Black dress // Tie-Dye skirt // Collar Sweatshirt // Deena & Ozzy Boots

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Urban Outfitters Zine #1

Sunday  Fun day. Earlier I went to Urban Outfitters to buy this book  ( I will do a post on this later on ). And realised they have a new Urban Outfitters  ZINE  (or not so new? ) To be honest  I didn’t even know they  had one, so when I saw this zine  in-store I had to take it home:)  Its really inspiring, full  of great art , photography and illustration posters by a bunch of talented creatives! (ant its FREE). Here is some photographs of whats inside.



I decided to put these posters on my art wall  for some daily inspiration ,Looking forward to see Issue #2.

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TWIN SHADOW In Urban Outfitters

‘TWIN SHADOW’  a collaboration between me and Kris Tate is now being sold in Urban Outfitters  , was really glad to find out that they are interested in selling our print in their online catalogs. You can buy this print plus other products with this design here , hope you like it:)

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Another print selected by Urban Outfitters

So glad Urban Outfitters selected another one of my designs to be included in their society6 artist shop you can see my previous one that they selected and was selling really well here , and if you like this one you can buy it on their shop here , by the way if you ever bought any of my other iphone cases from my society6 shop  would be really nice if you can send me a photo at  so I can put it on my blog, hope you have a nice day! X

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Urban Outfitters & society6 print shop

Got email a while ago “Urban Outfitters has selected your Print “watercolour geometric shapes” to be included in the Society6 Artists collection” you can see it for sale here . Think they select various illustrations weekly if not daily, but it was lovely to get an email like that. I have loads of new illustrations that I haven’t got the chance to show you yet, though right now im really concentrating on various photography projects! next blog post will be a set of photographs I took last week for those that haven’t checked it on my fb page here. Please ‘Like’ it if you would like to keep up to date with latest shoots and other creative  projects.  Any of you on society6? Or any other sites where you can sell you artwork? please share with me! :)

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Diana Dreamer camera! Oh joy!

I need one of these !!!!

Today I visited Urban Outfitters, and just on my way out I noticed this really pretty mint colour camera. it’s called Diana+ Dreamer camera it’s reproduction from a ’60s original model, the Diana’s simplicity ensures beautiful, dreamy images. It’s Only £50 and you get:

A remake of the original Diana plastic body camera with all the same great features.


– Removable plastic lens to allow for wide angle pin hole shots.
– 2 Shutter speeds
– Ability to do endless panorama shots and multiple exposures
– 2 Picture sizes – 12 shot (5.2×5.2cm) or 16 shot (4.2×4.2cm)
– Requires: 120 Medium format film (not included)
– Film available in: Colour ISO 100/ Colour ISO 400/ Black & White

Contents in the box:

– Diana + Camera
– Diana book
– Instruction manual
– Lens cap and neck strap

I really wan’t to buy one, but I’m planing on buying DSLR in the next week or so and still trying to decide between Canon and Nikon and It will cost me a fortune probably so I will just have to dream about this one until I have some spare money. I really love vintage look photographs, and I would love to try this one out! Let me know if you have one of these and if it’s good!

ART: Brandon McLean for Urban Outfitters

Brandon McLeanis a mixed media artist from Orlando, Florida. I actually found out about him by browsing one of my favourite shops Urban Outfitters and  his work  quite frankly, blew me away. He is currently working on a window display for Urban Outfitters which you can see here. See some of his work on flickr here. I love everything about his work, the colours he uses the vintage attitude in his work! Unique, kind of messy style in it that doesnt look like months of planing, but something spontaneous and random, unexpected!

About his work: “More than anything I aim to not take art that seriously, instead I intend to take the process into the unknown. Emerging myself in the mysterious bits of the art pieces and the characters they portray. Embarking on these so called character excursions, collecting odd remnants of lives, the heroes you never knew, and the ghosts they became. There is much to discover in mystery, and in looking at these faces you can’t help but be really, really curious about them.”