My designs on ELLE Greece website

Yesterday ELLE Magazine Greece Featured some my work on their website, so exciting to see my work there. :) You can see the post here

vasare nar ELLE Greece feature fashion art design ELLE MAGAZINE 2014 april style art on fashion style trend cool textile designer vogue trendy aztec tribal native navajo

Hopefully there will be more exciting features in the future that will bring me some new exciting collaborations, in Fashion print design. The article is in Greek language so I used google translate to translate it :)




Life Lately // Instagram pictures

Its been a while since my last ‘ Life Lately‘ Post , so here goes another  Life Lately post with some recent  photographs that  I shared on my instagram in the last few months. You can follow me here. Hope the weekend is going well! Enjoy every momment and stay creative :)

life lately instagram photodiary photography vasare nar snaps illustration cool personal tumblr pictures design art

Jau kuri laika nebuvo nepasidalinau Life Lately nuotraukelem, stai kelete foto is mano instagram

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Last day of FREE Worldwide Shipping iPhone 4S 5S 5C iPhone cases

FREE World-wide shipping ends Today so if you want to get yourself one of these cases, now its a great time to order one  here . Also  if you want to find out about other promotions coming soon you can follow me on Facebook. By the way recently  I  create a new Society6 Store Called Visual Ponderland That concentrates on all things Art & Type so if you love iPhone cases, pillows, tees and art prints with Typography check it out here

aztec tribal native navajo wanderlust motif leopard kitch bold colourful 80s zebra pattern Iphone5s iphone 4s Iphone5c feathers urban outfitters society6 vasare nar on trend mixed media pink mint rad pastel new free shipping buy alice in wonderland w

All cases $35.00 ( for iPhone5c 5S 4S , Samsung Galaxy S4)

Shop Phone cases here, all these designs also available on other products such as pillows, tees etc.

Hope you all had a super fun weekend!

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Lets get creative! ( some favourite art supplies to create mixed media art)

Lets get creative  part two! Today so far looks quite productive I will be working on loads of new designs and patterns. When I’m creating new collages I usually have a selection of  different mixed media paper and magazine cut-outs in front of me as well as some vintage magazines with abstract textures. I also draw out some shapes with markers, that I scan later for the collage. Then its finished in  Photoshop.”There are so many possibilities limited only by your creativity and imagination!”


 At the moment my favourite/ most useful art supplies are UHU glue stick  | Sharpies | ProMarkers | Stabilo FineLiners. What I’m looking for right now is actually some great quality colourful pencils, any suggestions?

// Keleta megstamiausiu dailes produktu kuriuos naudoju kurdama koliazus.

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Mid week Inspiration found on (Pinterest)

Hi Lovely people, here is a quick inspirational mood board that I just created with some images from my pinterest, you can see my previous blog post featuring my inspirations here , here and here .  Such a rainy Tuesday afternoon here in Vilnius  that its perfect for pinterest  to find some new inspiring ideas..


Pastel Watch on the bottom left available here  My new design for Wysiwatch 


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Society6 -Iphone 5 cases now Available

Are you on society6?  Would love to see links to your portfolio , you can follow my work here , we now have iphone cases for Iphone 5 so follow this link to shop iphone cases.

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Wednesday : NEW Pattern * GAAGII Jangle

New African motif inspired pattern for today –  *GAAGII Jangle    now available on all other products on my society6 shop  . I only posted it few days ago, but it started selling already and someone purchased few  products : laptop skin and iphone case  really appreciate it , BIG THANKS!
Have a great day!

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