The Whip: graphics and video for songs Trash & Muzzle no1

Some experimental graphics and intro video for  The Whip,  band from England that formed in 2006. All graphics based on two of their songs,’Trash’ and ‘Muzzle No1’, I’m not really experienced with animations videos and all that, but I had this idea and wanted to try and see what happens! You can let me know what you think :)

The Whip -Trash Graphics intro video from Vasare Nar on Vimeo.

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lol found this old photo of me and lead singer Bruce Carter taken in 2008, at the Stiff kitten bar Belfast after their gig . Check more tunes by this band here ,

A love story …in Milk

I found the link of this video on twitter earlier today, and thought I will post it here on my blog, seriously such as sweet video, adorable characters, and their personality expressed really well, looks like it took a lot of planning and it’s very well produced, have a look, but I’m not gonna lie if you are sensitive you might cry, its not a happy ending story!

This video was Made by Catsnake on commission from Friends of the Earth

Chalk Mural Timelapse Video

Created by Ben Weeks

Juniper Park is an ad agency. Their clients come from far away and visit rarely. This mural was commissioned for JP’s lobby to welcome clients to the space. It aims to create delight and to put people into a positive frame of mind. “Come play at the park” is supported by other illustrated phrases in this mural about creative possibilities written by JP’s team.


This video is really interesting check it out and let me know what you think I found it on twitter and it really impressed me

“The video shoot took place on a small farm in Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea in February 2011. The storyline was conceived in response to the song lyrics which tell of an unrequited love or a longing that can’t be satisfied or consummated.” Nils Clauss came up with the concept of a brother and sister who are twins who have grown up lived and worked together on their parents’ small farm. They are confused and disturbed by the fact that their closeness has developed into a kind of sexual longing that they know they must hide away deep inside.

“Tokyo Police Club-Your English is good”

Really love this song + video at the moment, just really creative inspiring video and such a happy song, just something what I need right now,hope you like it xxx

by “Tokyo Police Club-Your English is Good”

Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.