Life lately. Last summer days // instagram diary

Hi everyone hope Summer is going well! , if you follow my blog you probably already saw my last Instagram diary  that I posted quite a while ago, so its time for another one with some  new instagram pictures from my last summer days.  And of course if you are interested to see what I’m up to you can follow me on intagram here . Is there any exciting adventures you would like to share that happened over the summer?  My summer was mixed with freelance projects, drawing in the garden , wine in the sun, road trips,  days at the beach and lake,  festivals in the forest and lovely time back home in Vilnius where I’m living right now. There is only few days we have left of the Summer so… lets make the most of it!

Enjoy your week!

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From top left: KOKO (pattern) in progress // blue sunnies // my sunshine essentials

 Candy face I created one day..(I’m still not sure why! haha) // YAGA Gathering festival // Green Tea – love the bottle design

Sunny day in Vilnius // Green lake // Last day At the Beach

// Paskutiniu vasaros savaiciu nuotraukos  is mano instagram’o, buvo visko ir sauletu dienu prie juros, ir festivaliu miske, saules ir lietaus, gaila kad vasara jau i pabaiga!

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Summertime! Pastels and Pineapples

Summer inspirations!!!

Right now I’m just  doing loads of packing cause I’m flying back to my hometown Vilnius tomorrow (last time was pretty hectic too packing everything last  minute you can read the post here  lol. Here is some latest summer inspired bits n pieces  that you can see on my   pinterest . Hope you are having a great Weekend!  x

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Photo diary october-novermber (Vilnius)

Some photographs taken in the last few months, I have so many photographs that I haven’t uploaded on my blog yet, so here is a first bunch of photos from the last few months in Vilnius.

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shoot with Ieva – Haze

Some Photographs from the shoot ‘Haze’ I took a while ago, model  Ieva Vaitkunaite

just organising all my work today and hopefully will be doing another blog post with another project I did few months ago.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween by the way!

© Vasare Nar 2011

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Arminas portfolio shoot

Few weeks ago I took some photographs of this guy  Arminas for his portfolio. You can see a full set from the shoot on my facebook page . Photographs from  few other test shoots coming soon, you can subscribe to my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts if you like, also if you are interested in doing a shoot with me you can email me on for more details.

//Nuotraukos darytos prie keleta savaiciu, modelis Arminas fotografija Vasare Nar, jeigu domina mano fotografijos paslaugos galite rašyti i nuotraukos iš keliu kitu fotosesiju bus idetos greitu laiku. :)

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Model Arminas Šalkauskas

Photography Vasare Nar

looking around : Autumn photographs

Its so beautiful outside, I can definitely feel autumn is here. These are some new photographs I took in the last few days, just exploring, through my camera lens.   looking around,getting inspired!

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