creepy vintage ads

I Have been doing some research on advertising for my new project and found this  website » that has some really creepy, weird, disturbing vintage ads so then I looked for some more on different websites here are my top!  have look, which is your favorite? Or creepiest!

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St. George market PHOTOGRAPHY -BY VN

Hey everyone, hope you all keeping alright? I am up and ready to go quite early this morning, have loads of catching up to do in uni, and especially when the trip to Manchester  days away I have a really crazy weekend ahead, which means work work and more work, I recently took loads of photographs in St. George market, that will be used for my latest uni project called  ‘Spirit of Place’ so lets call this post a  ‘teaser’ take a look at few of my photos from the shoot, but expect to see the rest by the end of the month  there will be at least 20-30 photographs in a nice problem solving format that tells a story.Feel free to drop a wee comment or add me on twitter to stay on track with my posts @vasare


50’s 60’s inspired badges. How class!

A very talented designer Andre Britz  came up with this great idea to create  badges from old 50’s ,60’s magazines that he found in a a dusty attic. They definitely cought my eye and that lovely vintage feel just makes them even more interesting  check the rest of them Here