End of year Show university of ulster VIS COM 2011

Last friday we had our end of year show, here is a selection of some photographs from that night, also you could check Viscombelfast blog if you want to see student portfolios and other information about the course. The rest of the photographs from the event on my Flickr also you can check my fb page  for more updates if you like  ;)

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Working on it

This is something i’m working on at the moment  in one of my previous briefs I mentioned about Student awards brief we had to pick in university and this is something i’m working on at the moment. Still more than 2 weeks till the final deadline, and i’m really excited to see what the final outcomes will look like, even though there is still A LOT to do, a lot of research to be done, but its all good and I really enjoy this project.

[translation] Mažas preview ką aš šiuo metu darau vienam universiteto projektui, jų yra ne vienas, bet kolkas dirbu ant illiustracijos projekto, kitas projektas bus apie madų fotografija ir panašiai, spauda ir grafikos dizaina, jau turiu nemažai idėjų dėl apšvietimo, kompozicijos ir aprangos, tik reikia sulaukti tinkamo laikotarpio.

The worst rebranding ever? meh…

Hmm a wee question for you all. How did the geographically displaced new identity for the City of Melbourne go from whoa! to woeful in less than 12 months? Something radical, refreshing and robust has been replaced with a tired, dated and confusing graphic mush. Maybe if they’d supported some of Melbourne’s more than capable branding and design studios things wouldn’t have turned out so…

CUT Out posters

While looking at one of my favourite inspirational web pages Behance.net i found these brilliant Blank canvas cut out posters by Leo Rosa Borges have a look and let me know what you think.


Advertising Agency:
Ogilvy Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Creative Director: Guy Sinclair/Ramzi Moutran
Art Director/Designer: Leo Rosa Borges
Copywriter: Amina Abdel-Halim
Designer: Lina Al Amoudi

Ad campaign for food chopper

Funny yet impressive ad campagin by  ‘Bosch’  Electric food chopper, i love the way these ads are not really saying anything about food chopping from far a way, well that was the last thing i though, I seen these ads from far away and it really cough my eye. As they say, best ads are the ones with the hidden secret :D keep checking more blog post coming up today-tomorow for the past 7days as I was really busy with uni work.