Top 8 Fashion Trends for 2015 to get you inspired

Fashion Trends for 2015

Looking at latest fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2015.

Some of the Key trends listed here: (source Vogue)

  1. Hippy Deluxe
  2. Ballerina
  3. Kimono
  4. Head to tow White
  5. Candy Graphics
  6. Pop Art
  7. Romantic Lace
  8. Monochrome

What is your favourite trend for Spring / Summer?

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Fashion Pattern inspiration


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Looking at arty books and magazines

My  endless, passion/addiction for  design/illustration/ photography books wont stop! even though I always feel that this might be the last one, then  unconsciously I end up buying yet another one for my collection. I probably don’t even have that many pairs of heels, or bags of whatever things a girl ‘should’ have, but If I see an inspiring art book in easons or a charity shop I take it home (if its not  friday and it’s my last money for a bottle of wine,of course ;) )  and same story with magazines, long ago I stopped buying all weekly  gossip magazines like star, and heat that have not much to offer apart from gossip, but magazines that I still pick up when I have spare cash always seem to be a choice between LOVE  , I-D , VICE , POP , to mention a few. They always appear to offer fresh, inventive content, that’s not based just around gossip ( guess I get enough of that on internet and twitter hehe) , but inspires and encourages creative thinking, and that’s always a plus! right?

Mano didele manija dizaino, fotografiju ir mados zunalam vis dideja. Kai tik turiu atliekamu pinigu, ir tai ne paskutiniai penktadienio vakaro vynui, labai didele tikimybe kad nusipirksiu viena is situ zurnalu.  LOVE  , I-D , VICE , POP, na cia tik keleta, kokius skaitot jus?

Just to end this post I wan’t to show you this book I found in the library a while a go called Face fashion, its basically a guide to drawing a fashion face just like the title says, but there is so much more to it! I couldn’t stop looking when I picked it up and even though I’m more into pattern, symbol, abstract illustrations I really do enjoy drawing people sometimes and I believe you can never learn enough, there is always something more you can improve on . So this book has so many different suggestions on how to draw even simple things like lips that you would think there is nothing to learn about it, and different make-up looks (that was my favourite spread). So yeah after looking at this book it’s definitely on my list and hopefully I will have it soon. I need to learn how to draw that perfect nose…hehe I can never get it to perfect. What’s your guilty book pleasures, could you add any other quirky/edgy art-fashion magazines to my must read list?

Nesenai bibliotekoje pamaciau sita knyga apie iliustracijas labai suzavejo, galbut todel kad pieshti zmogaus veida nera mano siprybe , zodziu reikia man isigyti shita knyga, nes be veido detaliu ten visokiu kitokiu gerybiu pilna! pvz kaip detaliai piesti plaukus ir t.t bet viskas taip stilizuotai ir tikrai be galo idomu pavartyti ahh o ja isigyti galima cia  –>  Face fashion .Kokias meno knygas megstate jus?

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Inspirations part two [magazines]

I’ve been looking for layout inspirations for my latest university project, and I thought I will share it with you, these are the ones that caught my attention the most  I love the use of typography mixed with large scale photographs that fits really well and this is something I’m interested in. I’m making an editorial booklet with shots that I took and I love flicking through magazines for some inspiration. Hope you like it  x

Inspirations from magazines

Just realised the quality is not the best but for web will be ok I guess x

Magazines that I looked at this time:  Novum , Elle  , I-D , Vogue,  
Dazed & Confused  and few others I might have missed
Was drinking coffee in the uni Library today and flicking through hundreds
of fashion/design magazines to put in my scrapbook, yes scrapbook! I’ve been
collecting brochures and different magazine cut outs for ages, and I decided
to stick it in a massive scrapbook with different selections of papers as I have
loads of different ones and I thought it will be a great idea to have everything in
one place for some unexpected inspiration. Some of the stuff I found today…

Illustration for magazine

As mentioned before i created a promotional material for Calvin Klein, as part of University project, I was going to use some of my illustrations for the double spread, but ended up using only photographs as i though it will be to much for the Vogue style page , there is one of the illustrations that i created.

MY illustration

Calvin Klein collections.Vogue

I had Adobe indesign project in my University of Ulster Belfast , where i had to create a promotional material for Calvin Klein, i chose to do a double spread for Vogue magazine, because i always read Vogue, and i think it’s style and design is one of the best in magazine industry, i tried to pick a similar font and reflect the style of Vogue, used a bit of hand drawing too, and the rest is just indesign.