Good Summer vibes (Photo diary part 1)

Summer is here , well theoretically at least. I love summer. Adore it. If lifts my Spirit and everything seems so much better. All the festivals, flat sandals, summer dresses, denim cut -offs, eating and drinking like I’m on Holiday, road trips, strawberries, Iced-cold rose with my girlies  by the seaside, light evenings and high blue skies! So manny positive things about summer…

//Myliu vasara! O vasara myli mus :))

So here is some photographs form my first weeks of summer 2012. What makes you appreciate summer ?  something I haven’t mentioned i’m sure?…My list goes on!

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also…some work

This is what I’m working on atonight, just experimenting with loads of illustrations, there is loads more after this photo was taken, every illustration will be developed into a character hopefully that will help me to build a very detailed city of the future…will see what happens. Drawing is fun really, it’s friday and I’m not sad to sit in at all. If I had to write an essay right now it would be a totally different story :) back to drawing/now moving to illustrator.

+++ I’m having a glass of wine tonight… :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I’m seriously going back to drawing NOW!

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