Social networking watch

Are you ,like me feel rather more than enough  addicted to Facebook, Youtube, and  Twitter  mine is (@vasare) by the way :D that you can’t even have

an hour or two without checking it on your iphone or any other Technology device ?

Well this new Tecvhnology watch by will make sure you do it on time.


Check email. Watch some YouTube. Update Twitter status. Make some Facebook friends. AIM your crush.

This watch is for those who are highly networked and proud of it.

Normal Watches ::: Trailblazing Sub Couture

Improve your image! Funny Photoshop ad

Lets start our saturday morning with a wee humorous Photoshop ad, feel free to share your thoughts….

Have you ever had to  use Adobe Photoshop to imrove your self -image in any kind of way?lol :)