here is some of my works in progress, or snaps form my sketchbook

art-draing-design-illustration-tumblr-hipster-native-geometric-graphic-pastel-markers-urban drawing-artist-vasare-nar-illustration-geometric-art-textile-trend-hipster-hip-pillow-artist-illustrator-deisgner-modern-conemporary-belfast-vilnius-triangles-native-navajo drawing-aztec-tribal-native-geometric-art-navajo-tumblr-neon-90s-vasare fashion-tutorial-collage-art-design-shutterstock-inspiration-designer-vasare-nar-aztec-tribal-native-geoemtric-vector-photography-digital-art-mixed-media-illustration-art-magazine-nyfw-t1 img_9289 sketchbook-art-design-geometric-illustration-vasare-nar-aztec-tribal-hipster-background-faber-castle-markers

sketches art design illustration creative inspiration collage vasarenar sharpies markers


sketches brainstorm art collage trend 2013 creative style vasarenar geometric hipster tumblr designer freelance



6 thoughts on “SKETCHES / in-PROGRESS

    • Hi it just comes naturally, I always have various ideas in my head, colour variations I want to explore, looking at vintage music album covers and clothing is inspiring too.

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