Cool Cassette badge sets

I was looking at for some inspirations when I spotted these really cool cassette badge sets by effektivedesign, have a look they only cost £5 per set so why not get yourself one?:)


The artists says:
Being a child of the eighties I have fond memories of cassettes and I have created these limited edition badge sets as a reminder of this past format. There is currently 12 different cassette types by some of the mainstream tape manufacturers that I remember having in my childhood. Each set consists of 6, 25mm button badges which are created as circular crops of the actual cassette artwork. These are attached to a printed cassette back board and sealed in a classic cassette box with a custom inlay card giving a brief history of the cassette format. Sets can be purchased by  emailing – Cost £5 per set plus P&P and can be paid via Paypal.

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