Wednesday Inspiration: Pastel colour block

‘Creativity is contagious pass it on’ words of true!  Today I feel inspired by some of the images I found on Pinterest while I was looking for some new ideas for new creative projects I’m working on. When weather outside is so grim …right now I feel inspired by Pastel colour block.

pink-pastel-colour-block-inspiration-typography-fashion-style-trend-albert-einstein-creativity-is-contageos-blog-moodboard-styleCOLLAGE-mixed-media-artist-designer-portfolio-freelance-pink-pastel-moodboard--80s-colour-art-graphic-design-layout-simple- pioneer-woman-inspired-recipe-food-coffee-chocolate-caramel-autumn-home-living-photography--

By the way I made the chocolate coffee  today that I mentioned on my blog here (well I changed the recipe a wee bit) It was so delicious. If it wasn’t 9 pm I would gladly have another one…but then I would be up all night. Coffee really does that to me. HYPER!

Pameginau Sokoladines Kavos recepta, labai skanu! (truputi pakeiciau recepta)

Images I used for the collage-mode board found on pinterest

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