Instagram Lately // Summer 2016

Hello it’s been a while since my last Instagram photo diary so today I will share some recent  Instagram moments.

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Pinterest visual Inspirations . What’s on my mind right now.

Here comes another post based on my Pinsterest visual inspirations.

What’s on my mind right now

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inspiration-visual-art-design-fashion-pinterest-moodboard-whats-on-my-mind-food-visuals-cool-art-design-chill pink lemonade creative styllish cactus

All images via Pinterest

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Life Lately // Instagram Photo Diary

Hello it’s been a while since my last Instagram photo diary so today I will share some Instagram moments

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haribo, coffee, macbook, english breakfast

From left to right:

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 One. English breakfast at home, just love this type of breakfast.

Two.Tee designed by me ‘Be a rainbow in some ele’s cloud’ available at society6

Three.Messy workspace, design tools.

Four. My cat Chester sleeping in ‘the clouds’

Five.Found some unfinished drawings. I need to finish these.


Seven.Saturday at home, reading blogs and working on new designs

Eight.Smile out of haribo candies

Nine.How I like to drink my coffee, with coconut milk.

8 Things. New Pinterest finds and inspirations I’m loving this week.

Like every week I would like to share what I found on Pinterest this week and what I’ve been loving. You can see all my Pinterest boards here 

1.) This dress (how to style boho chic)

2.) Delicious looking Pizza recipe 

3.) Nice hair

4.) Super awesome Flower vases


5.) This DIY garden Tent

6.) Must try recipe of Roasted Cauliflower, leek and carrot soup

7.)  lovely geo print duvet cover 

8.) And these words 




Pinterest. Visual Inspirations. Fall 2014

Hello again! Its been a while since my last Pinterest post so I decided it’s time to share some new inspirational images that I found recently. Check out my Pinterest for more.

inspiration blog fashion style lifestyle hair pinterest cactus art design banana coolblog inspiration art design pinterest hair food workspace studio cool neon door hair fishtail



Wednesday Inspiration: Pastel colour block

‘Creativity is contagious pass it on’ words of true!  Today I feel inspired by some of the images I found on Pinterest while I was looking for some new ideas for new creative projects I’m working on. When weather outside is so grim …right now I feel inspired by Pastel colour block.

pink-pastel-colour-block-inspiration-typography-fashion-style-trend-albert-einstein-creativity-is-contageos-blog-moodboard-styleCOLLAGE-mixed-media-artist-designer-portfolio-freelance-pink-pastel-moodboard--80s-colour-art-graphic-design-layout-simple- pioneer-woman-inspired-recipe-food-coffee-chocolate-caramel-autumn-home-living-photography--

By the way I made the chocolate coffee  today that I mentioned on my blog here (well I changed the recipe a wee bit) It was so delicious. If it wasn’t 9 pm I would gladly have another one…but then I would be up all night. Coffee really does that to me. HYPER!

Pameginau Sokoladines Kavos recepta, labai skanu! (truputi pakeiciau recepta)

Images I used for the collage-mode board found on pinterest

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Hello 2013!

Hello January .  New year , new resolutions, or eh maybe not? Did you make any this year , tell me? Here is a great article why  not to bother.

 I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating new years!

all the things in need to do sketchboom christmas table cool

new years christmas table decoration wine lemonade bottle lights photography blog romantic

vasare nar artist illustrator self portrait

and sorry for the lack of blogging lately, my new resolution is , blog more!

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Summer favourites

Little collage of  my latest pins on Pinterest, inspiring summery bits n pieces that I like. Hope you are having a great summer. I will be trying to catch up with all my blog post this week so more updates are coming soon.  A photo diary from the last few summer weeks , and some new patterns and designs I want to show you . Have a great sunny day!

//Kelete dalykeliu patinkanciu sia vasara. Truputi apleidau blog’a nes vasara labai sunku rasti laiko tokiem dalykam bet sia savaite meginsiu pasivyti su visais ‘new posts’. Na ir sauleta si vasara, nuostabu!

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