Life Lately // Instagram Photo Diary

Hello it’s been a while since my last Instagram photo diary so today I will share some Instagram moments

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haribo, coffee, macbook, english breakfast

From left to right:

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 One. English breakfast at home, just love this type of breakfast.

Two.Tee designed by me ‘Be a rainbow in some ele’s cloud’ available at society6

Three.Messy workspace, design tools.

Four. My cat Chester sleeping in ‘the clouds’

Five.Found some unfinished drawings. I need to finish these.


Seven.Saturday at home, reading blogs and working on new designs

Eight.Smile out of haribo candies

Nine.How I like to drink my coffee, with coconut milk.

Let’s Get Creative

 Autumn is here, and it’s been raining  all day (unfortunately) . So I got some markers out and decided that it’s time to create some Newww prints for my portfolio and society6 shop  . Little bit of coffee,  some  good music and inspiration and  the evening is turning out pretty well I have to say (apart from the cold) . What are your favourite things to do when the weather outside is not so cheery ?




Rainy evenings like these are great for…Pillow fights, movies, music, wine, blogging, inspiring books, drawing, creating, pinterest, shopping online (I love Asos),  tea and cookies…the list goes on.

What are your picks?

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Sunny afternoon / coffee + sketchbook

Last sunny days, the summer is gone, but there is still few days of that awesome sunshine that we can enjoy , AND the best way to do it is to have your afternoon cup of coffee OUTSIDE , and if there is a sketchbook its a plus + , well for me at least :) Love coffee with hazelnut syrup !

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Alice in Wonderland style sideways coffee shop

This is an Alice in Wonderland style coffee  shop part of the Despresso chain of coffee shops The pictures below might even make you a little dizzy, but this is definitely a coffee shop to visit if you are in New York. For daily updates please join Vasares Visual Wonderland Fb page


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