An office you wouldn’t want to Leave!

Well there is something different, not that  typical 9 to 5 office that we all hate. The circular shapes used all around the place, black and white contrast, everything just makes you feel like ‘ No, i wouldnt’ mind doing overtime after hours, this Saturday? Yeah no problem, i have no plans anyway! ) Well i would, If i worked in an office like that, and most important is THE LIGHTING! With the Power lights like that, you would never feel sleepy!

“The board of an investment group in capital stock wanted to have a self-called “power office.” i29 interior architects and Eckhardt & Leeuwenstein, two offices which collaborated during this project, created this by placing every board member in the spotlight on a playful way.”

All three boardrooms and a lounge are executed in an overall design concept. Large round lampshades, spray painted gold on the inside, seem to cast light and shadow oval marks throughout the whole space. By this, a playful pattern of golden ovals contrasts with the angular cabinets and desks, which are executed in black stained ash wood. In the flooring, the oval shaped forms continue by using light and dark gray carpet. Also, these ovals define the separate working areas.

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