Google + I give up! Let’s do it

So After a lot of consideration  I decided to join, yet another social networking site , google+ , so this post is just to let you know, that if you are using it as well you can add me on my Google + Here.  I just joined it  so I don’t really have much information at the moment, but I will be updating everything soon. You can drop me a message in the comment box with your details and I will add you as well. Or share your experiences, how do you find it? Is it worth singing up?  do you find it more useful than Facebook? With no tacky game apps on the news feed I think its a Win! Especially when more people will be joining it, Looking forward to hear your views on this. Also If anyone would like an invitation for google + let me know!

//Gal naudojates Google+? Jei taip prideti mane galite čia

10 thoughts on “Google + I give up! Let’s do it

    • Me too! I did’t really use if when I first signed up but now I’m starting to get it, I like how the photo albums work, as it gives you a whole gallery of images. Did it take you long to get used to it?

    • No way! well I guess its a good thing, you save loads of time, facebook and goolge+ social networking sites that takes a lot of time, think google+ is really good for self promotion and to expand your creative circles. I think it’s worth having, well then again I’m on nearly all of those sites…twitter, facebook, now google.. this is definitely the last one I joined!

  1. I’m already on FB and I’d like to try Google+, but sure I need an invitation ;)
    If someone got one left I’d like to give you my feedback after trying it!
    Looking forward to see you there

    • Hey! I just sent you an invitation, let me know how you find it, after fb it might be a bit confusing but when you get used to it pretty good actually :)

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