Artist Linda Zacks

I was looking through some random magazines this morning and I found this artist that instantly caught my eye, her work is something that i was looking for in ages, it  has a feel of fanzines, cut out, drawings, illustrations, its like a collage I thought you might want to check more if you like this kind of style ! I LOVE IT! :)

“Linda Zacks is a versatile art director, illustrator, designer and artist. She graduated from Brown University in 1995, where she studied semiotics and creative writing (with a little economics thrown in for good measure). She spent her junior year at The Rhode Island School of Design in the design department.

Since 1998, she has been creating unexpected connections between people, ideas, art and brands.

Her distinct ideas and visual style has also been behind a succession of innovative campaigns for Country Music Television, eBay, Nickelodeon’s The N, and other leading companies.”

3 thoughts on “Artist Linda Zacks

  1. These are great I really like the harsh urban, rustic style they embellish. Id bung one on my wall any day.

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