Amaretto coffee /+ mini photo diary

Love the first cup of coffee in the morning, always tastes best.Amaretto flavour.Yes! Helps to kick in all creative ideas and get to work.  So I was going to post some of these shots  a while back, but got busy with few projects  that you can read  in my previous post here . I’m going to leave you with these images for today and once I get back on Sunday there will be more photos, have a great day!

//Ahh kas gali but geriau uz pirma kava ryte, visada pati skaniausia. Amareto skonio, uzskaitau! Kolkas noriu pasidalinti  keleta nuotrauku kurias jau seniau planavau sudeti, o kai grysiu sekmadieni pazadu daug daugiau ! Geros dienos x

photographs : self portrait/ decorative angels/ easter cocktails , see the rest bellow

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My new Photography portfolio

Hi everyone!  I just created a new site for my Photography Portfolio that you can see here  so now all my photographs will be separated from my other work (illustrations and art) cause I thought its better to separate it rather than have it all mixed :)  feedback really welcome , now i’m creating portfolio for my art so hopefully I will have it all done by the end of the week with loads of new work, have a great day! x

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