Creating Acrylic / Watercolour Textile prints

Recently I’ve been I’m working on a new collection of textile prints and patterns. This time it was experimentation with watercolours and acrylics. I like how you can get really unpredictable results with paint, and it’s nice to change techniques once in a while. Your feedback is always appreciated!:)  And please check my Instagram @vasarelle for more daily updates, and have a lovely day!

textile-print-pattern-watercolours-freelance-print-designer-textile-creator-vasare-nar-summer-spring-fashion-trend-2015-2016-2017-inspiration-topshop-urban-outfitters-colourfull-swimwear-clothing blonde girltextile-print-pattern-watercolours-freelance-print-designer-textile-creator-vasare-nar-summer-spring-fashion-trend-2015-2016-2017-inspiration-topshop-urban-outfitters-colourfull-swimwear-clothingtextile-print-pattern-watercolours-freelance-print-designer-textile-creator-vasare-nar-summer-spring-fashion-trend-2015-2016-2017-inspiration-topshop-urban-outfitters-colourfull-swimwear-clothing watercolour green yellowtextile-print-pattern-watercolours-freelance-print-designer-textile-creator-vasare-nar-summer-spring-fashion-trend-2015-2016-2017-inspiration-topshop-urban-outfitters-colourfull-swimwear-clothing watercolour green yellow  society6

Abstract texture Print on the right side is now available at society6 print shop 

Thank you for checking out my blog!


I am Pepper T-Shirts by Vasare (ME)

A Few months ago we had a project in university where we had to create our own T SHIRT brand and design T-Shirts. I called my brand ‘I AM PEPPER’ the idea behind was that a word Pep means energetic lively, and thats what kind of attitude I am trying to create with my designs. These T-Shirt designs were aimed for graphic designers and people interested in design so majority of  illustrations has hidden little detail that could be hold relevant to design, or anything creative . I also created a few Ad campaigns for these T-SHIRTS to show you how fun it is to wear ‘I AM PEPPER’ tees lol


Other animation attempts Skittles candies! sweet!

These are screen shots of my other animations + a video of one of them. They didn’t really work as I expected but sure why not share this with you so you will learn that its important to plan things before you do them. For the first animation I used loads of cut out circles from different magazines and colourful paper, and for the other animation I’ve used skittles sweets. It was really nice to eat them all after! lol yuummy

Stills of the animation + the process

Now these ones are stills of my skittles animation, probably the sweetest project I ever had to do lol

2011 Designers Calendar by Vasare

So before Xmas I had this project in uni where we had to pick a graphic design issue be it sustainability, ethics, entrepreneurship, or technology and create any kind of publication to present the issue you have chosen. My idea was to create a calendar for Designers called ‘What BAD graphic design habit you going to give up this year’. So then I illustrated 12 different issues (for every month)  together with a hand written type. Sorry about the photo quality;)


….At the moment I am working on the tee shirt project LOGO, Finally have picked the name for my tee brand and lucky me seems like all the host com. net and  and etc still available for this name so keep checking to see the progress at some point;)

By V

So today was a pretty busy day, we were learning how to create proper animations and stuff looking forward to play with that,just back from the gig I just attended , and because I didn’t really had time to post any inspiring work today there it is just a wee quick illustration by me, as I promised daily posts yep I am keeping my promises;)! Check something wow tomorrow !

Signage, way finding uni project

Heey! I have been sorting out my folders and found this.

A while ago we had a way finding project in university. We had to create signage for our  E floor. Signage that would show you the way to the vis com 1st, second and third year studios + toilets and etc. I chose to  illustrate simple arrows and numbers than colour them in. Not going to write the whole brief now just a quick description, hope you like it:)

Oh and I have changed my header as you might have noticed… I thought I will spice it up a bit by adding a few more colours, and maybe even changing it every few weeks. Life is boring without any changes!


my cup of tee. T shirt Designs

So we got a new project to design T-shirts, we have to create a brand for our tees, packaging, and T shirt designs, only got the project recently so haven’t done that much yet, have a few ideas for the brand name, going to look a bit for logo inspirations, of course will be posting anything nice I find, up here, so keep checking!

Have been playing with illustrator a bit and there is one of the quick designs I’ve created, deadline 23rd of February so anytime after that will be a big blog post with finished work;)

Have to go now and try to get a ticket for a Jamie-T gig tonight, I am soo desperate and seems like no one knows anyone that would have a spare ticket, ohh those crazy days! wish me luck!